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comment by goobster
goobster  ·  149 days ago  ·  link  ·    ·  parent  ·  post: Pubski: May 19, 2021

Mom goes in for a biopsy today. After a little scare a few years ago, so opted to get more frequent mammograms, and the latest came up with lots of little spots. It is concerning. But she goes in today (at noon) for her appointment... and because of COVID, nobody can come in with her. And my Dad is pretty reliant on her for a lot of things - his memory is fading - and so I am going over to their house to hang out with dad, while mom is getting examined and getting news. Alone.

Fuck every little thing about the American healthCASH system.

In other news, my new dog Moxie continues to be a wonderful (and giant!) girl, but she's Going Through Stuff right now... one week after getting her she started her first "heat" (estrus), so visits to the dog park stopped, and we focused on walking her more often... but she is BIG with super long legs and simply outpaces me or my wife even at our fastest walking speed. So I bought an e-bike (for a great deal/discount from a private party) to exercise her more. But it's going to take a little training for both of us... I haven't been on a bike (outside of Burning Man) in decades, and she still pulls pretty hard at her leash. Hopefully we will find a happy medium, and I can run her for the next two weeks until her fertility wanes and she can go back to the dog park... oh, and her Kennel Cough goes away, too. Yeah. She got kennel cough from who-knows-where, and is dealing with that, too.

I finally got ahold of her breeder (I got Moxie from her first owner, who couldn't keep her), and it turns out she doesn't have her shots or anything yet, either. So before we go to the park again, we gotta get her shots... but she can't go to the vet right now because of the Kennel Cough and being in heat... so we are in a waiting game for the next two weeks or so.

But hey... the front yard my Mom designed and we planted together is coming together nicely. Things we planted are flowering (clematis mostly right now), and everything seems to have taken well to being transplanted.

And work has calmed down.

And now I need to go hang out with dad. Take care Hubs!