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comment by am_Unition
am_Unition  ·  119 days ago  ·  link  ·    ·  parent  ·  post: 12:30 p.m.—Perseverance Mars Rover landing day livestream for all students


Nah, jk. By and large, I do agree with you, and I'm always good for a sesh of playing rhetorical punching bag.

    You can't wanna ride on billion dollar flown projects without giving me a reason to pay for it.

I did! And you bought it, IIRC. Your family has spent ~$20 on the mission I'm working, so far. It's a harder sell to peeps with less scientific background than you, and I gotta get better at keeping those eyeballs from glazing over. Most of that's on me, for sure, and I can totes polish my pitching, but:

1) people are tired of hearing about scientists working on fusion. 2) ITER and KSTAR are kinda disparaging America's fusion prestige, atm, if it ever existed. 3) the other major angle, pretending like we need to better characterize the space environment for astronauts, is becoming increasingly disingenuous. and 4) it's getting harder and harder to convince myself that solar isn't the best thing to fund, energy-wise (besides some goddamn winterization, locally), at this point, in tandem with schemes to boost Earth's albedo, etc., 'cuz climate change.

So. Other than (finally) finishing my doctorate, I think it's time to leverage social media to my benefit. Not here, I'm talking my personal YouTube account. If nothing else, it'll give me the valuable experience of interacting with the general public ('Tube skews hella young, though). My work does excite me, most people do find it inherently exciting, and even though there are no pretty pics coming out of anything on board, I can make some hella memey shit (unrelated [OC]) with this Adobe subscription we all hate.

Thanks for that. I know, my/scientists' branding could use some work.

I will always be good for reposting this one more time:

Finding exactly who's to blame for that bullshit has been impossible. But Jesus if it still doesn't piss me right off, and I'm doubtful that the main culprit is "because scientists are unable to effectively communicate the potential benefits of unlimited clean energy". And as a "progressive", I've already used my once-weekly "blame oil and gas" punchcard for, uh, something in Texas. Edit: not really, btw, it was simply poor governance, it's just that the government here shares a massive revolving door with the fossil fuel energy sector (this edit is for posterity).