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comment by kleinbl00
kleinbl00  ·  321 days ago  ·  link  ·    ·  parent  ·  post: ASK HUBSKI: Have any of you or someone close to you had COVID-19?

Couldn't get a test in early March (tried for three hours), couldn't get an antibody test until early July (tried for a week and a half), spent all of March and half of April with a massive ear infection, weakness, lethargy and then for about ten shitty scary days, burning lungs.

Was biking 31 miles a day. Am now struggling to run 5 miles a week. Get backaches now. Have days where I can't do shit. Have a lingering cough. Was trying to see a doctor about recovery. He gave me so many vitamins that I threw them up. He decided I wasn't sleeping enough so he prescribed breathe-right strips. When I told him the vitamins made me throw up he told me "well you need your Vitamin B." When he decided I still wasn't sleeping enough he decided I had sleep apnea.

I don't have sleep apnea. Thing is, he won't even let me come into the office until my cough is gone. Which precisely matches the attitude of Hollywood. I can't work until I can attest every morning that I have no COVID symptoms (which includes a cough), and should I show up and attest and then start coughing, they've told me they'll ban me for life.

The FDA banned 22 antibody tests in late May. That doesn't mean the rest of them are good, that means they weren't patently obvious snake oil. One of our labs offered us rapid covid tests that give a result in an hour; they of course haven't been evaluated by the FDA because of course they haven't because the FDA is basically approving fucking everything conditionally and then taking things off the market when they're obvious shit.

One of my wife's Facebook groups had a poll about antibody tests. 5,000 doctors, two people saying they'd seen positive antibody tests, both for people who had hospital stays of over a week.

Here's the thing. Coronaviruses provoke really shitty immune responses. There are seven coronaviruses we know of that fuck with people. Four cause the common cold. Three fuck your shit up royally. The fact that we have no vaccine to the first four, despite them being known for 60 years, does not bode well. There are three coronaviruses that we know of that fuck with pigs. There's one with a vaccine. It provides a 60% reduction in piglet death if given within 5 weeks of farrowing and within two weeks after.

Two doses. Within seven weeks.

I'm a firm believer in science, in bureaucracy and in expertise. But there's been no reliable centralized authority on COVID. WHO has been suspiciously deferential to China; the CDC is run by a guy whose name is one letter off of "Renfield."

    I hope you are all safe and healthy, but I'm definitely curious to know if the disease itself, and not it's ripple effects, have impacted you?

Humanscale did a webinar yesterday. They basically said

...and observed that long term, our only real solution is to retrench back to the '30s with individual offices, operable windows and most people not being in a shared workspace because COVID is not going to be the last pandemic we deal with.

I know you didn't ask? But the knock-on effects from this are going to be profound.