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comment by Foveaux
Foveaux  ·  331 days ago  ·  link  ·    ·  parent  ·  post: Hubski, are video games still a thing? They are? Well then, what are you all playing?

Finished The Last of Us: Part 2 - am happy to discuss with people, but the internet appears to have covered every single possible angle on it. Have been cycling through Battlefield 5, Destiny 2, CoD: Warzone, Sea of Thieves, Deep Rock Galactic and now Tabletop Simulator with a group of friends on a mutual Discord server. During lockdown I blasted through the Final Fantasy Remake at a frightening pace.

Battlefield and CoD are so godamn different. I have a healthy K/D ratio in CoD, I've always been fast and accurate so if myself and an opponent spot each other at the same time I'll probably win, but in Battlefield other people can be slower and compensate by being clever. I like to run and gun, but Battlefield doesn't reward that, oh no. I have to be smart about where I go or I'll get demoed 7 different ways by people who know exactly where I'll be coming from. Teamwork is actually important here, whereas in CoD I can leave my team behind if they're being shits. Anyway I'm enjoying them both.

Recently I've been working on a base in Satisfactory which is a wonderful way to kill an hour or two while listening to the above group go through their DnD campaign (I've been invited to join but I'd rather do voices than have to act out an entire character).

I've bought Ghost of Tsushima and unfortunately, I'm bored after an hour. It reminds me of a prettier, samurai FarCry. Which is cool, but I'm not invested by any stretch and I've found the combat a little simple.

Sea of Thieves is hands down the most immature fun I've had in years. Sheer fun with friends, sailing around and messing with each other and every player we come across. Cruising past a player galleon with one crew mate playing the banjo on the plank to discuss a truce, while the rest of us are floating underneath with explosive barrels. Following a ship to an island, letting them do the treasure hunting and when they open the cave, blast them from afar and take their shit - then run for our lives because they've respawned and are gunning for us and their shit. Try to fend them off as we hand in their hard earned shit. Launch yourself, out of your own cannon, onto another person's ship and just start blastin' as they wonder what the fuck is happening and why is the ship ablaze. Absolute, delightful chaos.

psychoticmilkman  ·  330 days ago  ·  link  ·  

Sea of Thieves is the first online multiplayer game in a long time that kept me around. So much fun.