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comment by am_Unition


For Trump, maybe the best thing about impeachment is that it provides cover in liberal/centrist news for Steven[sic intentionally] Miller's stream of schemes hatched from more than just the undertones of white supremacism (dog whistle term: nationalism). Even if we pretend that his leaked emails never happened (they did)...

...we are forced to confront the reality that almost every single new U.S. immigration scheme/"policy" fits into a pattern of harassment and abuse of the basic human rights of non-white foreigners. Justifying Miller's actions requires an element of dehumanization, at the bare minimum. Once you're there, we know propaganda can kindle a race to the bottom - full-blown ethnic fanaticism. Edit: and the fact that not violating human rights costs more money IS NOT an argument for violating human rights!!!

Immigration policy desperately needs to be bumped up in the queue of bipartisan legislative attempts. The House democrats owe it to America to take up this issue immediately. Through inevitably failed negotiations with the Senate GOP and Trump, the dems could even build yet another narrative for an article of impeachment potentially filed the day after the election: abuse of human rights through executive branch immigration policy, with no indication of intent to compromise. Any investigations into Trump administration discussions or documentation into immigration-related decisions would of course be stonewalled. The dems could probably draft an entirely new obstruction article solely from events between whenever they punt to the Senate (likely by the end of the year) and the next election.

Also, it bears mentioning that the dems don't want to conduct impeachment inquiries/hearings during an election year. That would be unprecedented, and opens them up to allegations of election tampering. Because the Senate trial will be controlled by republicans, it's another matter entirely.