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comment by ooli
ooli  ·  409 days ago  ·  link  ·    ·  parent  ·  post: Hubski, what does your bookshelf look like?

  TOP: Left  are my "Pleiade" collection books (complete works) of 

Jorges Luis Borges

Virginia Wolf

All of French fairy-tales from the XVI

Marguerite Yourcenar

Basho Haiku's

  Right, are my non fiction :
The Talmud


The Mahabharatha

Early Taoist Complete work

Digest of All of Greek and Roman myths

Digest of all world myths

The Hypnotism by Chertok

3 history book (Templar, Malte and India )

  2 shelves in the middle are for music, because songs are books too, and for the opium pipe


all Jorges Luis Borges .. again (non poetry)

The Golem By Meyrink (the only book I ever loved without knowing really why)

Les nuits de Paris by Retif de la Bretonne (Superheros book in the 1700, or voyeuristic book, or document against the marquis de Sade. Apparently, there are no English translation, and you guys are missing on one of a kind fascinating book)

8 John Irving

3 Marcel Proust (I realize, I read but never bough all of them even though I consider him my second favorite author)

3 William S. Burrough

  Why so little?
So a lot is missing:

My SF collection,

My American favorite: Palahniuk , James Ellroy and B.E. Ellis

(beside Ellroy, the others two disappointed me so much in their last book, I wont read them anymore)

most of Amelie Nothomb

4 first Houellbecq (before his proud Islamophobia overtly made it to his fiction, rendering it nauseous)

most of Lovecraft (at least his racism never made it in his work)

Classic French author

Roleplaying rulebooks (Ambre, D&D, Stormbringer...)

Classic economical book (marx, pareto, keynes...)

etc, etc...

Since I left my parent house in 1998, the one thing that I always took with me were my books. On average That's was 1 move every 2 years (cross country, or in Germany) with 4 fully packed bookshelves that size (real pain in the back).

Last year, I decided to rent my old place, and the tenant wanted the place in 2 day . And since I'm too poor to pay mover, too introvert to have friends help me, and I was on a 4th floor without lift, there was no way I could move all the books in 2 day. I'm really lazy too.

So for the 1st time in 20 years, I decided to get ride of my book, and store them in the old basement, and only bring the one deemed worthy in my new place.

But now, my flat feel empty, and I look more dumb!

At least I have an Opium pipe :]