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comment by goobster


There was a time, kids, when actual humans could sing. Their voices were beautiful, and flawed, and emotive, and gave texture and soul to the songs they sung. The heart and passion they felt was transmitted viscerally from their lips to your ears, and went right past all the logic circuits in your head, all the interpreting neurons, and went straight into your basal ganglia and made you shiver with feeling.

Case in point, Merry Shelton on the Rolling Stones' "Gimme Shelter":

(Hint: Do NOT pass up clicking on that link and giving yourselves 2:52 seconds of pure skin-tingling sensation.)

Chris Cornell made fun of Autotune at the end of "Show Me How to Live", by karate-chopping himself in the throat during the final coda/fadeout at the end of the song.

No single technology advancement has ever had as deleterious effect on music and the power of the human voice, than Autotune.

It's fucking garbage and needs to die.

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I give you Epica

Yes! YES! YES!

The human voice can be the best instrument in the band. One of the reasons I like foreign language music is that the language fades into the music and adds to the other instruments.

German should not sound this good. The language adds to the music instead of distracts.

For those of you who demand English but don't want to listen to old people music. Jane Monheit is a phenomenal presence live.

Then you have one of my favorite female voices of all time

Autotune took the inherent beauty and character of the human voice and turned it into a suburban strip mall of mediocrity.