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comment by galen
galen  ·  383 days ago  ·  link  ·    ·  parent  ·  post: Pubski: June 6, 2018

OK, real update:

Had 2 more meetings re: transferring. Getting credit in the German department here looks pretty rough, so if I stuck with that as my major I'd probably need an extra 1-1.5 years beyond next year to get my diploma. Which is kinda shitty.

However-- getting credit looks rough because our German program is basically far inferior to the program here (duh). Which speaks for transferring in 2 ways:

1 I would be getting a better education

2 If I were to go back now, finish my degree, and then apply for master's programs in Germany, like a few people have suggested, my chances would be pretty shit. At the uni I'm at right now, I wouldn't even be allowed to apply-- I'd need another bachelor with a more diverse range of courses.

So if I were to go back, my options for master's programs would be restricted to the US (not happening) or inter-cultural literature programs (there's one here called "European Languages and Literatures," which has much looser admissions requirements in relation to German studies).

This brings in another possibility: switching majors and studying English in Germany. The school I'm at has one of the best English programs in the country, and their placement rate for PhD students is the best in Germany. With an English degree, then, I could easily apply to inter-cultural master's programs, without the unpleasantness of another year in the US. And since I'm a native speaker with so much coursework in English, it would only be 1-2 extra semesters (beyond next year) to get my degree.

OR I could even go into a master's program in pure English, at which point I'd be in a great position to become an English professor in Germany. (Compare with German studies-- in English, my native language is beneficial; in German, it's a handicap.)

So at this point, it's basically no longer a question of transferring or not transferring. All the disadvantages of transferring are tied to advantages that compensate (German disadvantage: takes longer, advantage: master's in German; English disadvantage: no master in German, advantage: in Germany, and it barely even takes longer).

It's a question of English or German-- what do I want to do in the future? Will keep you guys updated.

Oh, and if I stay here, I might even have a job already: I've befriended the head of IT :)