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comment by goobster

The internet has produced an interesting cause-and-effect echo chamber.

Step 1: One person makes fun of someone else, by claiming to be similar. (Photo of pimply 15-year old boy, complaining about not being able to "get" a girl.)

Step 2: Other goofballs jump on the bandwagon, iterating on the meme with new images and new descriptions of failure to woo the opposite sex, using random images sourced off the internet.

Step 3: Actual 15-year olds with pimples and the (absolutely normal) frustrated libido of a teen, don't get the joke, and believe they have found their "community".

Step 4: The existing (joke) content reinforces the "Actual's" belief that they are being Wronged By Women.

Step 5: More "Actuals" show up and complain about their woman-wooing failures... unwittingly and ironically creating a toxic support group for self-identified "losers".

Step 6: The original trolls leave, because it's all just too pathetic to bear.

Step 7: The group of "Actuals" now spiral around each other creating a Tornado of Loathing, rather than, ya know, actually growing up and buying Clearasil and realizing that women are humans and not trophies to be won.

This pattern repeats over and over and over on the Internet. And, sadly, generally starts on Reddit, due to the low cost of trolling. (If you had to pay $10 to create a sub-Reddit, this trend would basically stop.)

Wash, rinse, repeat.