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comment by _refugee_

I know (at least) two people with epilepsy. It's controlled in both. One doesn't drink because of the epilepsy, one does. One has a therapy dog, one doesn't.

Honestly, I would never know either had epilepsy except I'm close enough to them and have known them long enough that it's come up in discussion; daily life for them is like daily life for anyone else, as far as I can see. I am sure there are some medications behind-the-scenes which I don't see, but I think that level of detail or information is probably not something most people who are friends with people with neurological disorders are going to have.

I don't imagine people like to talk about the conditions that make them "different from everyone else" whenever someone lets slip their label. But hey, I'm neurologically normal so who am I to know.

I do know that for one of them, it was a concern/something his girlfriend wanted to learn more about and understand fully when they started dating, in the off chance he had a seizure while they were hanging out together or something. But she did the research and they talked about it a few times (I'm kind of assuming; she's my sister, though, so it's a fair guess) and it hasn't come up in conversation between her and me for, like, months since then.