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comment by kleinbl00

I happily play games for their meaninglessness. For the longest time I had a crushing desire to play The Sims but knew I couldn't because writing is effectively playing The Sims and if I did one, I wouldn't do the other.

I give a fuck about social experiences. Whenever I do a thing with the mic on it's heinous. Everyone else who plays is awful and an asshole. There's a kid I play with who seriously friended me because he liked watching the digital butt of my character (he thought I was a girl until I plugged in a mic). He's 11 and homeschooled. I'm older than his parents and his worldview terrifies me.

Novelty? Sure. I like things to change within reason; No Man's Sky changes the entire dynamics of the game every time they rev it so I've long since given up. New bad guys? New guns? Yeah that's dope.

Creative expression? Get paid to be creative. You'll want to be as uncreative as possible in your leisure pursuits.

I played Sim City 1. That game was fun when you were building and a crushing bore as soon as you were managing. That's where I am with pretty much all the sim shit - your sandbox is interesting right up to the point where I find its limits at which point I have lost any interest whatsoever.

I also play drunk. On weekdays, you can play PvP in Destiny 2 drunk. On weekends you will get clobbered.

In Destiny 1 the only people left were 4000 hour tryhards so you were dead no matter what. If a n00b like me is seriously considering buying a Scuf controller just to not get smeared every single day, you've lost the filthy casuals.