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comment by mk
mk  ·  1312 days ago  ·  link  ·    ·  parent  ·  post: There will be no 2x in Segwit2x

In order to quickly get new coins due to the BTC fork, people had to get their BTC off of exchanges. Therefore, it's likely that BTC will be flowing back onto the exchanges over the next several days. This is likely to push up ETH and alts. But yeah, kleinbl00 is right. The best trading move is not to trade.

kleinbl00  ·  1312 days ago  ·  link  ·  

And to elaborate:

All those fancy laws the SEC enforces to keep trading somewhat fair in the land of stocks? There isn't even a semblance of them in crypto. A state actor, underworld organization or institutional investor can buy and sell millions or tens of millions at a time and utterly swamp the market, or can sell, call the FUD fairies and then buy.

Jamie Dimon, Sept 12: "It's worse than tulip bulbs. It won't end well. Someone is going to get killed," Dimon said at a banking industry conference organized by Barclays. "Currencies have legal support. It will blow up."

Jamie Dimon's company, JP Morgan Chase, Sept 16: buys 19,000 BTC

Can anybody else here go on CNBC and say "totally don't buy this worthless thing I'm about to buy $1.2m of"? No? Then presume you are not playing a level field.