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comment by jadedog

Ah, now it's clear why I'm getting so much negative feedback on my thoughts on your article.

I guessed you were related to lil after kanto's comment but by then it was too late to retract my opinion. I wish there were a bit more transparency about the reason for the OP.

I still disagree with your article in several ways, but I'll take my leave since I'm getting the idea that the article wasn't to be debated, but more announced. Congrats on the publication of it.

kantos  ·  1196 days ago  ·  link  ·  

While you've come to the correct conclusion there was some relation, that was a standalone "ah-ha!" moment I wanted to express. On the other hand, feel free to ask in the comments or PM if you're confused in the future. :)

I think miv hit the nail on the head in his response to this comment. Disagreement is an opportunity to reach shared ground, if not a little bit more understanding of eachother. Hubski is just as much a sounding board as you'd like it to be - and civil about it no less!

mivasairski  ·  1197 days ago  ·  link  ·  

Well, Jadedog, thank you for the congrats. I feel very good about it being published and shared with people in Pakistan. There are 88 comments on the Pakistani website; some of them have 100+ likes. The editor told me on the day it was published it was one of the ten most-read pieces in English in Pakistan. So, I do feel good about sharing the perspective expressed in it.

You say you still disagree. The whole purpose of Hubski is to provide a venue for thoughtful discussion, right? So, disagreement is a good thing when we share and explore ideas. I thank you for your comments.