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comment by cgod
cgod  ·  1557 days ago  ·  link  ·    ·  parent  ·  post: Immigrant or Real American

My senators are ranked 11/100 and 32/100 as the most liberal members of congress.

I like the guy who is 32/100, Ron Wyden, a lot more than Jeff Merkley who sits at 11. Ron gets shit done and cares more about the issues I care about than just about anyone in congress.

My Representative is Earl Blumenauer (aue, what a clusterfuck of vowels at the back end of a name), who is the 53 most liberal member of congress out of 440 members.

Call them? Fuck no. I wish they would lighten up on the lib rage emails I get multiple times a week. I mean I'm happy they are fighting but I get enough outrage day to day talking to the public.

I do call them. Mostly to thank them for bills that they have sponsors or leadership which they have provided. Occasionally I call Ron to find out his position on an issue and bitch at his office people that they really need an answer to that question. Ron is a tightfisted bastard who can sit on the fence with the best of them until he's wrung out the last drop of value which his vote entitles him, it's a little annoying. But overall they are a swell bunch of bleeding heart liberals.

I guess I'm tired of all of this and getting a little weary of being told to call my congressmen, they hate this shit way more than I do and my phone call isn't going to matter in a totally different way than a phone call to the various princes of vile darkness that they staff their national representatives offices with in other places.

I do occasionally call various republican offices and play the part of an arch conservative who wants to raise hell that said representative is RHINO who sending the country to hell in a hand basket. We all need ways to while away the time.