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comment by jleopold

I'll preface by saying that I'm one of those commenters on my reddit account, on this post. I ripped into her. Honestly though, I couldn't have cared less about her hoax. It was just a bother and rude to the communities she disrupted, but not something I felt personally invested in. But she posted to the journalism subreddit claiming to try to teach journalists a lesson in journalistic ethics, and then refused to listen to their advice that the ethical thing to do from a journalistic standpoint (to e-mail the sites and let them know it was a hoax). Further, her insistence on anonymity broke the journalism ethics I'm learning as a student. A lot of those comments could have used better language, but I think their sentiment was justified; in trying to prove her point (unnecessarily), she ended up corrupting the exact system she thought she could somehow fix.