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comment by byonic
byonic  ·  762 days ago  ·  link  ·    ·  parent  ·  post: Pubski: November 16, 2016

Not Politics

Everything feels very new lately. I've thought a bit about how to describe it and I think that's the way that captures the feeling the best. Though nothing huge has changed in my day to day habits, I've been filled with a sense of novelty about life as of late. Take work for example, despite that I've been going in 5 days a week 8 hours a day working on largely the same ongoing projects for the past however long, something about it feels less like a routine and more like something that I choose to do every day. This is a huge contrast to the way I've felt in the past where I felt time slipping by by the week and would be filled with a sense of dread. Rather than question it, I think I'll just savor the feeling for as long as it stays.


I've recovered from my Trump-shock that is evident in my last pubski post and returned to my default state of being Trump cynical. I seem to be on the opposite schedule as everyone; for the couple days following the election I was desperately grasping at silver linings, thinking things like "I hope he does actually 'drain the swamp'" (though of course now that I've seen who will be replacing the swamp 'monsters', this scares me) or that my family and I will be fine as we're not part of any of the groups that will be targeted by policy (true but this line of thought leaves a bad taste in my mouth).

I think the worst thing in my personal life with this is that the common political ground I thought I found with my family has disappeared since the election. This was the first election where the rest of my family didn't vote for the Republican candidate; it was nice being able to root for the same candidate in the debates & not have to sit there quietly and grit my teeth while the rest of the room spews hate at the TV directed at the person I secretly want to win. Of course we weren't always going to be on the same page but it was nice to not be a political outsider for once. They've all admitted since that they like his platform, just not his personality.