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comment by oyster
oyster  ·  1105 days ago  ·  link  ·    ·  parent  ·  post: An Analysis of Gender in Films Based on Scripts (Male vs. Female Lines)

It's not hard to not mix up, you made a choice not to simply look at the username above the first word of my text. I was a new user very recently, and that's a lame excuse.

    my point is not that there is zero help going out there

    but nobody's running the race to eradicate women being burned alive.

It really is your point though that nobody is helping because you literally said a few lines down that nobody is helping. Nobody=zero

There is no point in getting pissed off or angry about this issue because it's a massive issue that will take decades to fix. You think women gained the rights we have overnight in first world countries ? No, that took a very very long time and wasn't one straight line moving forward. So what does spending your entire life outraged accomplish for these women ? Nothing. Flying to countries to save these people is the dumbest thing to do. I have a friend who studied International Development and spent some time in Ghana. She was telling me about how on one trip there was a group of high school students building a school who spent most of the time taking selfies. You know what happened at night ? The locals came to work/fix everything the kids fucked up. You aren't some hero and the likelihood of you saving anybody is slim.

It's not just about saving these women from their husbands. It's about opening schools that they can safely go to. It's about providing contraception so women don't end up being held back at way to young of an age. It's about how the people experiencing the turmoil need to be pissed off enough to begin revolutions in the communities because we aren't some saviors. The people of those countries need to demand more or they will just get the same crap from somebody else even if we "save" them. It's about a lot more as well and it will happen but it won't happen in any of our lives and that's what we need to accept.