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comment by Devac

A person whom you know that you don't want to hear from can't bother you? Isn't that enough?

I have only one person who is not a spammer in my muted/blocked list. Sorry for going into details, but I do find it as a relevant background. I've had enough of one That Fretful Guy doing his passive-aggressive remarks at me while being convinced that his comments, both here and on IRC, don't get me anything of value nor person seems worthy of discussion. He continues this and will likely get blocked by more people who don't want to put-up with him and his humours.

If not for block and one of the few situations in my entire life where I have lashed out with strength that I would classify as 'intent to maim and/or kill' I would be getting more and more annoying comments regarding every single opinion, credit or action as either showing-off, or hypocritically being called self-centred. Or criticised just because it's me and not a person with whom he does not have an axe to grind.

I have no doubt about it, there's more salt than in Dead Sea. If someone has a beef with you while you don't even consider them as worthy of giving them the benefit of doubt, why not just show them the door? That's what I would do with someone in real life if they would act like a stereotypical Jewish wife about everything. Plus I would demand such person to hand over their last remaining man card.

That's how block/mute works in my opinion. I don't want to accidentally read what some random and persistent troll will blather at me after some point, despite not being given a notification or having to scroll down all the way in responses (does not work if that's the only response, for example). Plus let's be honest, notifications fuck-up fairly regularly. I have nothing but love and respect to Hubski devs, but that happens so often that I don't even bother with reporting it. There have been posts where I was given a shout-out that I could only discover after going back to some thread. There are responses to my posts that I didn't knew about until two weeks afterwards. Just as there are situations where I'm getting an orange hubwheel and can't seem to find anything new. Going back to threads is a necessity, so filter/hush will not be a viable way to deal with such cases until notification will work at 100% success rate. Maybe it works for some of you, I'm not that lucky.

I know that I am not easy to deal with myself, I'll probably get blocked by some of you who read this post for a reason that I don't understand, but if that's what you want… you have the option to block my input. I'm not American and don't have some weird ideas about what constitutes freedom of speech, but imo Hubski's solution is as perfect as it could get.

Bypel  ·  2229 days ago  ·  link  ·  

    A person whom you know that you don't want to hear from can't bother you? Isn't that enough?

Good point, I didn't know that filter only crosses peoples' names out (I thought it made their posts invisible to the user like other sites).

mk, can we please have that feature?