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comment by WanderingEng

My mom was the same way about G.I. Joe. She didn't like guns. I'm not sure what happened to my toys. I think my parents sold them at a garage sale, and while that gives a brief pang of disappointment at selling my childhood, I don't really want to store them myself, so best they move on.

We had a TV very much like that one. I think it finally got replaced in the late '80s when it got struck by lightning. We got cable TV before it died and had to route it through the VCR. I still remember getting the VCR, too. It lasted forever and had a mechanism that sounded satisfying, like a solid thump when slamming a car door. It was nothing like the cheap VCRs of the late '90s.

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Yeah. Our TV was one of the old ones where it only had the screws on the back for antennas, so to make ours work we had to pipe the cable to the VCR and then connect the VCR to a VHF-Cable converter. We didn't have an antenna, so in order to watch TV, both the TV and VCR had to be running.