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comment by grisanik
grisanik  ·  1502 days ago  ·  link  ·    ·  parent  ·  post: Faster Than the Speed of Light

am_Unition, Odder I like your answers ...

I had U turn long ago and went from physics to informatics, engineering and psychology (in free time) instead.

For me one notion was initial spark to write that post a idea that even when something outside happens we tend to be biased and apply same formulas, that obviously do not work for that particular case. In order to discover new things it is absolute requirement to look outside of the box. (all this is more psychology than physics really)

In my mind time is not a dimension but more relation between objects, whatever happen it will always go forward. (again this is speculation, as reality always has ways to surprise us).

Therefore, Alcubierre drive in my mind at least is just bridging the gap between two point of space. And while doing that -- time will still tick. Basically it will never catch its own copy from other time. So, someone may ask but what will happen with the light bouncing while it is still travelling, well again speculation, maybe nothing as it will not “react” with it in Star Trek subspace like manner.

And, although light bouncing of the original ship that has not started his journey, or the "shadow" from the ship, may arrive from the starting point in 2 yeas after ship has arrived, still does not violate anything.

Because ship would arrive just always one step in future, one millisecond, one second, but it would never go back ...

Again as I said before first I would need to find negative mass build experimental setup and prove it :) otherwise it is just speculation.