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comment by greenitalics
greenitalics  ·  1141 days ago  ·  link  ·    ·  parent  ·  post: Society: Build digital democracy

I think you have a good point - our identity will work itself out (and almost certainly won't be what we imagine now - the concepts of "open" or "online" will change).

There was a recent medium article about what the technology needed for this type of transition to an open identity might look like. This kind of tech faces an uphill battle, but...

I think we are lucky to have a healthy technological and more recently entrepreneurial community. As this group starts to interact more directly with the socially minded, hopefully we see positive changes pick up the pace.

P.S. There is a movie called 8th Wonderland that (I think) discusses some the ideas talked about here. However I say "I think" because I've been unable to find a version with english subs or translation. Would be eternally grateful if anyone could find a version I could understand or if anyone has seen it and could tell me about it..