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comment by lil

Everyone was surprised. We were pretty certain there would be a minority government. The Liberals have always thought of themselves as the "natural governing party of Canada." They fell apart from too much power, corruption, and excess, just as the Conservatives had before them.

The former Progressive Conservative party wisely united the major right-wing parties into one Regressive Conservative party and swept away all the others for a long time. I and others were screaming "unite the left" - the two non-conservative parties, NDP and Libs -- but the two parties were unable and uninterested in talking to each other. Now the Libs are back to being the "natural ruling party" of Canada.

    Hopefully some of that liberal glow will shine on the US Congressional elections in 2016. We are in a funk for sure.

So y'all Michiganers who are close to the border can still tune into CBC and see how big a party we're having and we can all shine on.