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comment by ooli

From personnal experience : For a smoker health is not an issue. You can see everyone die of cancer around you and keep smoking. Nicotine is a really addictive drug.

May be you should switch to e-cig. You'll still be dependant, but you'll be alive. But being alive is not that great when you keep being a slave. So yeah, you're right, I'm kind of murderous. Sorry.

Edit: I'm probably biased and irrational here. I'm very angry at myself for being addicted to such a stupid drug for 20 years

Edit 2: Sleeping on it, I know why I despise your comment: You promote the long and false idea that quitting is hard. We've been told that for year. Even former smoker for their own ego boost say it 's hard to quit.

If you want people not trying something tell them it's hard.

Tell girls mathematics or chess are hard, and they stop trying. Tell adult playing the piano is hard, and they never learn an instrument. Tell Americans learning another language is hard, and they'll stay monolingual. My point is : quitting is easy. It's far more easy to quit, than to switch to patch/gum (previously) or e-cig (now)

I have no will, no self control, could not stop smoking for more than 1 hour. But once you stop for 48h you're done with the shit. And those 48h are not that hard.

I suppose we both want the best for smokers around: that they stay healthy. You think that e-cig can do the trick. I fear that e-cig wont help that much, and is a false hope, it's more easy to quit smoking. Because, the day you e-cig is empty you'll get yourself a normal cig in a heartbeat..