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comment by Dominique
Dominique  ·  2553 days ago  ·  link  ·    ·  parent  ·  post: What is your goal right now and what are you doing to reach it?

My own personal goal: To cut some of this fat I've gained due to the excess calories from powerlifting. I'd love to maintain as much muscle and strength as possible but it's tricky to do. It's mostly because I feel really slow and not too good about myself. As far as my plan goes, I just plan to track my macros a bit closer and incorporate more cardio. Running is the devil so hiking and biking are going to be my go to forms of cardio.. Probably some swimming as well since the weather is getting nice.

My work/professional goal: To have a successful service line build out & also to have my department fund itself. We serve a large population of adults with disabilities and we're transitioning into electronic health records. We're doing it service line by service line (residential, case management, DDD, etc) and we are currently on our last one now. It's been a long road! But successful so far. As far as department funding, since we are just starting up with electronic health records (April 2014 was when we implemented it), our department is still very small with only 4 people. We fall under IT's budget right now since it's hard to generate revenue just as electronic health records. We just became an affiliate with the vendor we use for our EHR, so we can subcontract our license to other associates that don't want to go through the implementation process themselves (it's very expensive and for smaller companies to shove out at least 80k for implementation is not ideal). They would pay us a much less amount for services and we would provide them with help desk support, create their forms, all of that. Eventually we hope to be able to pay for our department and get out of IT.

Exciting stuff to come for me!