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comment by b_b

You most certainly did not write what white guilt "means". You interpreted an idiom literally and nothing more, and even in that case, I still don't understand the comparison.

We live in a historical context and a cultural milieu. I have Mayflower ancestors, for example. Therefore, it is quite likely that some of my forebears were slave owners. I don't feel guilty about that in the sense that I would feel guilty if I made some transgression against a friend. The term "white guilt" has become somewhat pejorative, because it doesn't imply that one actually feels shame or guilt about some else long ago committing a specific act against black people, but that whites go out of their way nonetheless to try to recognize and compensate for their better relative position in life (collectively). Sometimes this manifests itself in ways that seem silly or nonsensical--hence the pejorative. But really, what "white guilt" implies is that you have the ability to recognize the milieu and that you're not dense enough to think that we are born on equal footing due specifically to the context in which we're raised.

If you think that everyone is born with a more or less equal chance in life to succeed, then there's no help for you. I suggest reading some history. This is a fantastic place to start.

shiranaihito  ·  1314 days ago  ·  link  ·  

The bottom line is that black people are responsible for their choices and actions too, just like we are. It's ultimately up to them to change their circumstances for the better.

In reality, in the US for example, racism against black people is frowned upon so hard, that it's really not a factor in why they're not successful. Neither does it explain why black people are vastly overrepresented in crime statistics.

Sure, it's complicated, but it doesn't get any better by white people sympathizing with them even more than we already do.

It's crazy how we've got a bunch of white people lecturing other white people about how racist white people are, and any attempt at refuting any of it is automatically invalidated by being white.

b_b  ·  1314 days ago  ·  link  ·  

Whom did I call a racist? That's the point, really. That even if you or I aren't racists in the sense of the term we all understand it to mean (i.e. that we think whites are superior by nature), we live in a society that is set up to have black people at a disadvantage just by being born black. Thinking about individual behavior gets us nowhere. The historical contingency which brought us to this moment is what we need to think about. Institutional failure is bigger than any given individual.

shiranaihito  ·  1314 days ago  ·  link  ·  

    we live in a society that is set up to have black people at a disadvantage just by being born black

Here's an example of how society is set up to have black people at an advantage over white people, just by virtue of being black:

Seriously. What basis does your claim have? How have blacks been disadvantaged and by whom?

(Please don't bother with complaining about me saying "blacks". I just don't want to keep typing out "black people" all the time, in an effort to.. avoid accusations of racism, pretty much :p)