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comment by Contra

I don't care for country music. The ice cream store I worked at in highschool played country all the time, and I got sick of it fast. What really turned me off was country music fans. If I ever say I don't care for country, and I prefer indie and electronic country music fans act like I am an antichrist terrorist. They say how I am bad for not liking their music because it is real music, while mine is just noise and worthless bs. Country snobs don't even know they are snob, they just think they are "good ol country boys and girls."

I can't stand this song, because it played about 6 times during one shift. I hate country rap more because it is abmsal and cringy but I can't find the song I am looking for on youtube.

This video explains how I feel about country pretty well.

Bacuryu  ·  2842 days ago  ·  link  ·  

Thank you for that second video that I can now show to all my country listening friends. Nothing like trucks, beers, riverbeds at night, and "girl".