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comment by kleinbl00

I'm generally in support of howling left-wing journalism because The Hunting of the President did a spectacular job of outlining how Richard Mellon Scaife and his posse essentially dismantled impartial journalism over a 20-year span and replaced it with in-the-pocket pundits. Thus, how losing money in a land deal 20 years previously while partnered with someone that had since gone to jail for fraud became a 2-year news story involving allegations of secret runways and coke deals.

Hilary Clinton was pilloried for talking about a "vast right wing media conspiracy" to slander them but people forget that just 7 years later, David Brock wrote a book that says, in no uncertain terms, "yes, there was a vast right wing media conspiracy. I helped create it. Now I feel bad. Here's what we did and how we did it."

In an ideal world, the balance would be "conservative reporting/liberal reporting." In the US, it's "mainstream reporting/lunatic fringe." Thus, go lunatic fringe.