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comment by user-inactivated
user-inactivated  ·  2777 days ago  ·  link  ·    ·  parent  ·  post: Sometimes, When You Need A Break - Is An Artist Who Stops Creating Committing Emotional Suicide? [KJ]

    When I compose (my electronic stuff), I wouldn't say I even use it as medium for expressing or processing my emotions, not consciously anyway. It's usually more a case of a search for the ideal sound, the pinnacle of music that I'd like to hear. Most of the time I'm thinking in realm of what that idealised music sounds like - it's timbre, rhythm, it's style - rather than how I should best express 'x' emotion via sound. I'm trying to get the music I compose to make me feel something, anything. Sure, others and I can perceive an emotion in my music, and I'm sure what I compose is at times a reflection of my emotional state, but I don't use it as a tool for self-expression in that way.

Are you me?

Also, I'll try to shoot for a sound or style, and what ends up coming out is nowhere near what I had in mind. What's cool is that it's definitely unique. Still, everything I work on, I am generally quite dissatisfied with. As time goes on, the general trend is that I hate my work less and less, so that's progress.

    If I were to stop, I wouldn't feel like I'm committing emotional suicide, just that it's no longer providing what I desire from it. Perhaps that means I'm not being genuine or true to myself, perhaps that is what its missing, but that's how it is.

Also agree. I took a break for nearly a year, recently started up again. The break wasn't 100% voluntary, and I didn't really enjoy it, but neither did I fall into some pit of despair. And nailing down self-genuineness? Hah, I don't even know where to start, for me.

Some people "express themselves artistically" with clothing, shoes, tattoos, or lifestyle choices, and that seems to be enough for them. Some people don't seem to feel the need to express themselves at all, but maybe they do it anyway, somehow.

WTF is art, anyway? Oh god, my science is showing. I'll shut up now.