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comment by galen

Prolly why they haven't divorced yet.

This is kinda more my sister's thing than mine, but they fight all the damn time, and even though it's bickering rather than intense shouting matches and there are times when they're not arguing, it seems like there's not really times when the pendulum swings all the way back. Like, their relationship seems to go from annoyed to relatively neutral and maybe an "I love you" here and there but it seems like that's more out of obligation than anything else, y'know?

On the other hand I'm not sure I would've realised any of this if my sister hadn't confronted me about it, so y'know. Take all this with a grain of salt.

Oh, and I would ask my dad why he doesn't quit his job, which I sorta know the answer to already (stability + cash), but I feel like just asking would get him thinking about actually doing it, which would be my intent. Like it's great that he has a steady job, but it's not that steady (he seems to be constantly worried he'll get fired tomorrow), and it carries with it an incredible amount of stress, and between the stress and the hours his sleep schedule is super fucked up, and I get the impression this job is seriously bad for his health and happiness.

So that's mine. I don't anticipate ever actually having this conversation because I still haven't even mentioned that I've been basically an atheist for over a year now, and pretty soon I'll be off to college and then the world. Maybe I'm a coward? I'm probably a coward.

Scratch that, definitely a coward. Maybe I should do something about this.