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comment by elizabeth

My parents had me really late. My half brother is almost 40 and my sister's approaching her 30's. I don't mind cause i love my parents but i feel that since they re so much older, they sometimes don t feel like they can tell me so much stuff about their younger years. Like I know my dad was a super social guy (really not so much anymore) and he probably has so craaaazy stories to tell. I'm sure of it, he s an awesome guy. But somehow, in his head, he's this older guy. He's all "proper" and i never even heard him swear (except the times he hit his foot at night against something and thinks nobody can hear him). Kinda similar with my mom. Basically, i know they had crazy adventures at some point but I know they will never really tell me about it for some reason. I know it, cause i really tried to get those stories out at some point. I wish they could just open up and tell me everything some day...