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comment by al

Problem is is that I can't stand the "circlebroke" folks as well as they seem to mainly be cynical anticirclejerkers which attempt to attack reddit in the most bitter way constantly, however I suppose this callout on shitcommenting is very good

vbob99  ·  1766 days ago  ·  link  ·  

I tend to view the circlebroke community as those willing to shed light on the parts of reddit others would like to pretend don't exist. The difference is that you can avoid circlebroke just by not subscribing to the subreddit. The racist crowd invades every subreddit.

resukureipuru  ·  1766 days ago  ·  link  ·  

The 'racist crowd' only invade subreddits that affect reddit's larger image. They're using it as a platform to push their agenda. They also use some interesting strategy in coaxing racism and racism-oriented discussion from the community, by posting things that I believe started with near-homeopathic doses of racism. This, by virtue of how likely it is that some people in a large group will share a "mildly" racist opinion, ends up showcasing how there are still a surprisingly large amount of people who feel, for instance, that they should be more careful around black people because they're prone to robbing peopley. This is obviously still racist by definition, but it's pretty far from Stormfront-level racism, and it's not hard to see how someone could delude themselves into thinking it isn't racist (provided you understand the capacity humans have for deceiving themselves).

Now, adding to that, people who hold that racist opinion will feel persecuted. Because people are going to tell them they're racist (which is true enough), but also do silly things like compare them to the KKK. Which they will see as a reason to be louder, and bring up the same issue again and again, and participate in every thread to show that they're not crazy or ignorant, other people believe this too! Eventually the people who aren't racist just stop caring and accept reddit as it has come to be.

The net effect this has had... I want to say it's like a shit tornado. This was a website where we'd discuss the news, the latest xkcd, random shit from the internet and shitty programming jokes. I guess that wasn't really reddit's own culture/community, just the one that happened to occupy it in the beginning.

sidenote: talking about reddit here still feels awkward to me

istara  ·  1765 days ago  ·  link  ·  

The problem is that Reddit doesn't delete trolls, specifically "noise comments".

"Fucking Nigger", "Die cunt", "Whore" - all those drive by one-liner low effort insults should just be deleted from the get go. It's not censorship, it's about reducing noise that serves absolutely no beneficial purpose to anyone.

Reddit is a private site. God knows the Admins are heavy handed enough when they want to be. But they leave so much other shit up and for so long.

The reality is that there isn't 100% "free speech" on Reddit. There isn't anywhere.

user-inactivated  ·  1765 days ago  ·  link  ·  
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