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comment by insomniasexx

Ugh. I know. It's really frustrating from both a user and designer/developer point of view. The problem is browsers are competing with one another so they have to be different by definition.

The absolute worst part of designing and developing for web is trying to make something work well, look good and look consistent across all browsers. The coolest new technology and web features are loved by designers. They make things work without insecure add-ons like Java and Flash. But they can't be seen by everyone and so you have to either say "fuck them" or "I'm going to spend the next two weeks adding fallback and recreating my creation in flash so they can see it." It's a death sentence to the creative process.

It would be like if you poured your heart and soul into a script, learned some new storytelling strategy (is that a thing? I feel like I just entered marketing land), implemented the "storytelling strategy," made minor changes until it works perfectly, went through the period of pride and joy in your creation, and then someone came along and said "20% of movie theaters can't hear the word "the." Please rewrite the entire thing without using that word. Thanks."