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comment by deiki
deiki  ·  1935 days ago  ·  link  ·    ·  parent  ·  post: Hubski Digital Music Swap #1 (Registration Closed)

I'm in.

user-inactivated  ·  1935 days ago  ·  link  ·  
This comment has been deleted.
user-inactivated  ·  1935 days ago  ·  link  ·  

I've added you to the list. Welcome to the club!

deiki  ·  1933 days ago  ·  link  ·  

Rad! I'll be busy over the weekend, so make sure to give a shutout about any rules to me.

Ditto about partners.

user-inactivated  ·  1933 days ago  ·  link  ·  

I have you paired with AdSeriatim. The six rules are in the description.