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At the start of work from home, the entire company was told on Thursday to start working from home the next Monday. Everyone except for my managers' groups. We were told to come in Monday normally. Monday, that changed and we went to work from home like everyone else on Tuesday.

I asked my team lead why. Why was there one day we were different from everyone else? He won't answer why. I think he's afraid to say our manager said so and then got overruled that Monday. This breeds distrust.

They like to say we're better together, but the same leadership does nothing to foster relationships while we're apart. Again, I think that erodes trust. Appearances are they don't care about relationships, so there must be an ulterior motive. I suggested we make time routinely to talk about what we're doing in our personal lives. Nobody would have to talk, but it would make the opportunity. "No, we don't need that, we have plenty of opportunities to talk." Except those meetings have set agendas, and we don't talk.

I think there will be pockets of happy people and pockets of unhappy people within the same companies.