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kleinbl00  ·  96 days ago  ·  link  ·    ·  parent  ·  post: 409th Weekly "Share Some Music You've Been Into Lately"

    I don't understand how Behringer is able to get a sound anywhere close to Moog or whoever for the amount of money they're not taking in.

They don't. They sound like thin piss. Everything Behringer has ever made leaves your mix sounding like you spilled vinegar in it.

    You're a logistics guy, is it something to do with inventory, process, etc.

Pure process. Take someone else's design, reverse engineer it, get the cheapest factory in China to rip it off, wait to get sued, settle out of court, rinse and repeat. There was a time when you weren't considered a proper audio company until you'd sued Behringer.

A little background:

This is a Mackie 8Bus. It legitimately made your entire computer garage band world possible. Prior to the Mackie 8Bus if you wanted to mix something, you mixed at a studio on some piece of shit like a TAC Scorpion which cost $28k and sounded abominable. You could buy a fuckin' 8Bus for $5k and it sounded... okay. It didn't sound like an SSL but it sounded better than a frickin' TAC Matchless or an Allen & Heath Sabre or any wretched ancient monster like that all of which cost between $30k and $40k. Mackie made some real coin with them. Sam Ash sold a lot of them.

So Sam Ash paid Behringer to rip it off.

And I don't mean "copied it." I mean they literally took a Mackie 8Bus, took the knobs off, wiped it down with MEK to get the silkscreening off it, RE-SCREENED IT TO SAY BEHRINGER, and showed it off at NAMM '97. They couldn't get their version done in time for the show, see, so they fucking painted up a Mackie to look like a Behringer and claimed it as their own.

And then when they settled out of court for enough for Mackie to be satisfied, they opened their US headquarters less than a quarter mile up the road from Mackie.

I know y'all think that I'm funny with my abject hatred of Behringer but they are truly the shittiest company in audio. They are deceitful, they are dishonest, they make impossibly shitty product and when you buy their shit you get what you deserve.

They're still at it.

Behringer is fucking bullshit and it all sounds like ass. Not only that but when you buy Behringer (or Samson, or anything from Sam Ash) you are actively accelerating the destruction of the music industry.