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cgod  ·  791 days ago  ·  link  ·    ·  parent  ·  post: Off my chest

This isn't some kind of pep talk, just my straight opinion, no bullshit.

I always thought you were absolutely fantastic at being good to people.

I think you are a genuinely good person, a better person than most of us in this world.

If you don't feel that way than that's probably why you are a good person. Most of us think pretty well about what great guys and gals we are and that's why we'll never be very good.

That's something.

It's better than being a good motorcycle rider or the best actuary at the firm.

Men in particular spend a lot of time trying to gauge their success and it causes a great deal of distress when they are dissatisfied with different aspects. It's why men kill themselves, cheat on their spouses beat their kids ect. It's a trap.

I guess this is the pep talk part. Be ok with who you are. That's all the pep I have for you.

Love ya