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kleinbl00  ·  791 days ago  ·  link  ·    ·  parent  ·  post: Off my chest

I'ma go for a run but one hot take deserves another, beyotch.

Got another friend that is realizing rapidly that your job ain't your life. I told him I was the guy who stood on a beach in Thailand in 2007 and promised it I'd never work in a cubicle ever again and so far so good. I mean, I turned down another season of Hell's Kitchen because jewelry is too important to me. And because Gordon Ramsay is tough enough in Culver City. Gordon Ramsay in a tent in Vegas in May for less money? Fuck that shit. But yeah I'm scared about the money.

You're always going to be scared about the money.

You know what has fucked with my worldview the most? Having employees. Some Deep Thinker or other talked about what we "hire" the things in our lives to do. That's because most people will never have employees. Know what I hire people for? So my wife can go on vacation. So she looks at me instead of at the billing. So that she can make it to her kid's birthday instead of sitting there smiling at a bunch of pregnant women that have bought the ruse that they're the most important person in the universe because they're MOMZ. Yeah - that lady making something like $70k off us? Sure, it's nice to welcome new people into the world. Sure - it's great to inspire a healthier relationship between mothers and babies. Sure - it's great to empower women in their own healthcare. But she's getting paid so my wife can take a weekend off with her family. And the more she bugs us while we're gone, the shittier deal we're getting out of her.

Unless you're working for SPECTRE or GI JOE or OXFAM or some shit, It Is Fucking INSANE of you to look for "fulfillment" at work. I know they sold all you sararimen this myth of fulfillment or some shit (been there done that) but fuck you for thinking the guy who signs your checks needs to give you a goddamn reason for living. If they're telling you that's part of the deal, THEY'RE LYING TO YOU. They are blowing smoke up your ass. They are using your idealism against you judo-style, CharlieLucyFootball-style, so that you think warm fuzzies are somehow a substitute for cold cash. Shame on them for doing it but fer real dude, it ain't never gonna replace your kids smiling at you just for being daddy.

Yesterday today tomorrow? Yesterday tells you where you were. Today tells you where you are. Tomorrow tells you where you want to be. You can't live without yesterday. If something got fucked up between yesterday and today, that's not yesterday's fault that's yours. You had a plan, something got fucked up, and you failed to adapt. Okay that was harsh. Shit happens sometimes. But man. If you can't account for yesterday in your today it's gonna look like yesterday a lot in your future.

Tomorrow? Tomorrow is what you're fighting for. Tomorrow is where you realize your plans of today. Tomorrow is the payoff. Tomorrow is your chance to get it right but you won't get there unless you pull off today. Time's arrow goes one goddamn way and if you don't string the bow it will get you between the shoulderblades so FLEX.

Now I'm going running. I will always be out of shape, but I will be a lot less out of shape than the walrus in the muumuu I saw yesterday bellowing at his kids. 'cuz if you don't keep your eye on it tomorrow will go to shit and all you'll be left with is yesterday.