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kleinbl00  ·  336 days ago  ·  link  ·    ·  parent  ·  post: This article isn't even vaguely about Fortnite

Ready Player One was on the plane. I watched it. It made me hate my job more than any movie I've seen in a decade. It was The Goonies combined with That's what I Call '80s! run through a Greetings Fellow Kids understanding of VR.

It was abundantly clear that a "kid's movie" was quite clearly designed for GenXers and 90sKids so they could wallow in their own nostalgia at the cost of... fucking anything. Entertainment?

Video games ate fucking traditional media a decade ago it's just taken a while for the husk to stop twitching. The annoying thing is that there are still those journalists that don't play video games that don't understand video games that have to reframe video games in terms of Reefer Madness or some shit.

DOOM: December 93

DIABLO: December 96


Fuckin' skiing down a bloodbath there, video games.