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goobster  ·  520 days ago  ·  link  ·    ·  parent  ·  post: Burning Man 2017: Who's Going?

Yeah, I may not go back to the desert (the "Gerlach Regional") again, at this point.

I was there on the beach when it started.

I was there in the desert when that started.

I was there when the first ticket sellout happened.

I camped alone.

I camped with a theme camp.

I ran my own theme camp.

I worked for a Service Camp.

I was employed by Burning Man.

I have given more people their Burner Name than I can even remember.

I have brought my own art to the playa.

I have participated with a large scale art project. (I'm the one in the middle.)

I have gotten heatstroke and spent a day in the Med Tent.

I have been the officiant at two different weddings at Burning Man.

So, I think I may have gotten all the merit badges at this point. I do have a rogue idea that I have seeded with a couple of friends and camps, that might just culture-jack Burning Man one last time. But it ain't gonna happen this year. Maybe 2018.

Going to Europe this year, instead.

(BTW - Be sure to volunteer for a shift at Arctica! It is the best gig on the playa. SO much fun, and a cool/chilly place to be during the middle of the hot days. Tell them Bucky sent you.)