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oyster  ·  904 days ago  ·  link  ·    ·  parent  ·  post: Undercover with a border militia

    That's the problem, though, as they're so big that they're abstractions.

That's a great way to put it. When I was studying Architecture even though I knew I would be contributing to something I really didn't care. When I worked in a spa I saw how the massage therapist made real visible change in people's lives, one woman cried afterwards because the massage provided relief from chronic pain she was feeling. While I was studying I was able to help my ex with his neck issues that he was convinced where just a part of life and impossible to fix. I also helped someone with tennis elbow who hasn't felt any pain in over a year and all he really did was massage. Accomplishing those things felt good in way that drawing a floor plan never will. Did kleinbl00 recommend this book to you yet ? You would probably enjoy it.

    Unfortunately, we can't have a corresponding conversation about what men should do too--Feminists too often get defensive, and Men's Rights Activists have utterly failed to come up with a reasonable alternative.

I feel this as well, with all the young families I've seen the new dad ends up kind of struggling to find their place when the baby and eventual toddler turns to their mother for many things. As much as it's understood to be a thing I'm not sure I've seen advice aside from just ride it out since you can't exactly sit the baby down and tell them you need a little more from them. I'm sure there's something men can do in that time to feel important besides providing but I don't see a lot of talk about that. I think a lot of the frustration I've seen from MRA's comes from not feeling like they have traditional masculinity nailed down but also not really seeing how they fit in to other roles. I can definitely see how that puts somebody in a position to be taken advantage of by companies like that. Like ad's for firearms always seem to have a military vibe to them and the clothing is all "tactical" as if you need something tactical in suburban American. I wonder if they would sell as well as just good old durable pants without the word tactical added on.