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Devac  ·  1141 days ago  ·  link  ·    ·  parent  ·  post: Please consider donating. Please?

    Doesn't your bank issue credit cards?

It does. It also collects ridiculous fees for transaction to a non-EU country. To donate 10 USD I would have to pay 18 USD total. 'Sensible' rates start around 100-150 USD where I would only need to spend about 20 USD in fees. Yeah, I was also surprised. I'll look around for a different bank, but I don't think will look any better.

There's also one fucked-up thing about distinction between debit and credit card. As someone who does not work (and my registered tutor income/business does not count, I've checked) I can only get a debit card. These mean nothing to most internet transfers or stores, being the main reason I'm using PayPal instead.

Anyway, thank you for input. Much appreciated, as it at least got me to go look for a more viable alternative (i.e. different bank, asking someone I know in Germany and paying them back etc). But I feel like my whining, because it's largely that at this point, detracts from a much more important topic that steve put out.