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bioemerl  ·  933 days ago  ·  link  ·    ·  parent  ·  post: Confessions of an American Pumpkin Eater

    Instead you assume I told the story wrong or exaggerated

Yes, absolutely. People don't remember things accurately, and people's reports of situations are almost never accurate, especially when their description of the situation is to their benefit. I assume you are biased because people are biased. I assume you are leaving out a lot of information, because people only tend to pick up on/remember the details that support their view.

Never, never, trust even your own personal experiences. They are biased as shit, and have been proven to be untrustworthy time and time and time again. We aren't logical beings, we are incredibly biased, illogical, and self-serving.

    Don't you think that's a little arrogant ? Why do you think you did that ?

I explained my reasoning fairly well in my post, I thought, both to myself and to you. What about my description or reasoning is lacking, what would you like clarification on?

I know the answer you want me to say, that I'm scared of facing the reality that women could possibly face sexism. Perhaps, in some part, that is true. I won't deny that is possible, but knowing such things is well beyond my own personal ability to judge, and I have no indication in my present mindset that such a thing is true, instead, my general skepticism of people's experiences is pretty damned consistent across all manner of topics, especially religion and spiritual bullshit.

There are literally people out there who have been convinced they were abducted by aliens. "experience" doesn't prove anything, in fact, it makes me more keen to not believe someone than it is to make me believe them. I'd much rather have someone without direct experience, but research and facts, than someone with first party experience every day of the week.

    I asked the other person this but I'll ask you too, have you ever pirated music ?

Oh yes.

I also eat meat, lots of it, while thinking about the poor chicken with their cut throats softly clucking as the farmer it trusted holds a bloody knife.

I also create tons of CO2 pollution, ruining the world for future generations so I can drive to have a mcdonalds hamburger.

I also purchase water while joking about how purina steals water from deserts and drives african tribes to starve of thirst.

I also joke about male chicks being ground up for the process of making eggs while I make an omelette.

Lets not forget the literal slavery that produced the rare earth metals in the computer I'm typing on.

And the fact that I live in a society atop land created by the genocide of peoples.

And lets not forget that I kill thousands of bugs and other living creatures every time I go outside, for little more reason than my own entertainment.

Why, for example, does my piracy of music matter? Yes, I may be a hypocrite, but that doesn't make your cheating good behavior.

    Pointing out that my male science teachers treated me differently isn't sexism... It's an observation of my own life.

Saying that women suck at science and math isn't sexism, It's an observation of my own life. I've taught for 30 years, and the women's papers are always worse than the men's papers!

Yeah, because you are a biased person who sees in the world what they want to see. Just like the above example, where the women probably would do very well without the idiot teaching them, your biased judgement of your male teachers can lead you to false conclusions about their intents and character.


I'm going to print this and hang it on my wall, inspired to do well every day by your sarcastic praise!