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bioemerl  ·  1020 days ago  ·  link  ·    ·  parent  ·  post: Confessions of an American Pumpkin Eater

My thoughts on the thought process of the teacher.

"I want to do well and stop students from cheating"

-> one person asks to get calculator out of backpack

"Well, they are acting pretty suspicious, no, that could allow them to cheat, just use this calculator"

->other person asks for calculator

"Well, I just gave out the other calculator, and there aren't any others, and I just said this person can't get it out of their backpack, so I'll offer an alternative"

    So for me, I cheated because why the hell not ?

People are quite a bit more clever than we consider them to be. We pick up on a lot of unconscious clues and details about someone without ever realizing it. The fact you came to this conclusion leads me to think everyone "thinking" you were cheating was exactly for the same reasons you ended up with the above mindset.

You don't not cheat because you "get something out of it". You don't cheat because that's how you learn, and that's what is right to do.