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lelibertaire  ·  2141 days ago  ·  link  ·    ·  parent  ·  post: Hubski Movie Club - Star Wars

Ok so the movie club is basically broken down into a few threads a round.

First there's the voting thread where you can submit movie suggestions based on a chosen topic for that round. Last topic was "war movies" and we watched Paths of Glory.

After a movie is picked, I post a thread stating what movie was chosen, where it can be watched, and what times I'll stream it in the Hubski Movie Club Theater, which is just a page on a website that lets me stream videos and sync playback.

Then we have a discussion thread. The user with the most shared comment in the discussion thread will have an opportunity to pick the next topic for voting.

Then it just repeats.

We'll have another voting thread soon. I can add you to the tags so you get notified when a voting thread is posted and when the stream is coming up if you'd like.

The Star Wars showings are going to be a separate thing but will also play in the theater. It's looking like machete order is what's popular.