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might want to use a different video, because the video playback on other websites has been disabled by the owner.

sirmonkey95  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: Who Is Columba Bush?

I have this thought that Trump is just there to make the rest of the Republicans look a whole lot better, and boy is he doing a good job at that.

I can put this article in two words "Who cares?". Columba isn't running for president. No one is voting for her to be in office. She isn't the person that should be in news articles. Really the only thing I can see what him marrying Columba would be tied to is his view on immigration. Even then I think it is a bit pushing it. Also their marriage status shouldn't be covered as "journalism". I mean there are so many politicians that are Catholic that have been married several times, and may I add that getting a divorce (without probable cause) is frowned upon Catholic society. This is Jeb's first marriage and they've been going strong for about twenty years. It just frustrates me when the media talks about a candidates family "issues" instead of their platform and work. If they wanted to make an article about Columba they should have solely made it on her accomplishments. For example, her work with

    Florida Coalition Against Domestic Violence, the Center on Addiction and Substance Abuse
This would make a good article on her work accolades.

I see all these comments about the US being the world police and what not. But here is my question, what will happen to those 57,000 people that will be out of a job?

Is this app restricted to people that are close by? What if I want to share a library with someone from a different state, would I be able to do that via wi-fi?

This was a very entertaining read. Now I can apply physics to my fire ball.

This tour was amazing. I've never went to any of their concerts but I've seen lots of videos. Also when they smash up their songs it is just so great.

This reminded me of the Ted Cruz fiasco where he wasn't insured by The Affordable Care Act and then once his wife went on unpaid leave he decided to sign up for it. Someone who was so opposed to Obama care decided to finally sign up when it was convenient for him.

I guess you do have a point there. If this country is going to have universal healthcare then I think there should be some regulations that the government would try to put in to make sure you live a healthier lifestyle. For example, if it were up to me I would make getting cigarettes a lot harder to get. People can smoke pot instead it won't harm their body as much. Hell, hemp can really help this economy! It isn't only used as a means to get high. You can make paper a lot faster and more efficiently because it grows a lot faster than trees and takes up less space. Clothing can also be made too. These are the only two examples from this article on Forbes I read a while ago

I guess if I were to tell someone the type of things I would vote for they would pigeon whole me as a democrat. I don't like signing on bored to a specific party because it just makes me feel as if I'm stuck with that group, and we all know groups can sometimes change what they stand for. I do think that big corporations and the top economic class should get taxed more than they are now. I also think that the government shouldn't have a say in how I live my life. If I want to eat 600 cheeseburgers from McDonald's then let me. If I want to marry someone of the same sex then who are you to stop me, and I better get the same benefits that "normal" married couples receive. My voting decisions are most often than not based on social issues instead of economic ones because I don't know much about economics and what would be beneficial for the country. I'm trying to learn as much as I can but at the moment I would not know what would bring the better outcome.

sirmonkey95  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: Farewell to America

It is very shameful because race is just a social construct. When you get down to it white skin is just an adaptation for better living in the north and south environments as a more efficient way to protect yourself from the sun and collect vitamins form the sun's rays.

But saying that race the main issue feels like it is diminishing the troubles that African Americans face.

sirmonkey95  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: Farewell to America

Even black brits deal with racism on a regular basis. Gary even states that

    if my aim was to escape aggressive policing and racial disadvantage, I would not be heading to Hackney.
This shows that in a lot of white majority societies that had slavery are still under the influence of racism.
sirmonkey95  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: I'm A Lesbian Marrying A Man

Personally I do not think sexual orientation is a lifestyle but more of something that you're born with. For example I'm going to use a tumblr post I have seen recently. So Orange is the New Black had its new season recently released and Ruby Rose is now a part of the cast. The post would say something along the lines of

"If you're a straight girl and you just watched the new OITNB, I've got some news for you. Ruby Rose just turned you into a lesbian."

This just makes it seem as if being gay is a choice that you can change into for personal convenience. It really diminishes the actual issues that the lgbtqia+ community faces when it comes to people telling them that they are choosing to be a special snowflake. If they wanted their lives to be easier they would not choose to identify as something that will get them ridiculed, fired from their job, not marry (until recently), be denied service at a business establishment, and in some cases beat up and killed. So when people say that being queer is a life choice it really turns me the wrong way.