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Don't think the band was able to believe it when he tuned his guitar out like that - gives it a sense of unease. You can't see it there but the guy is a brilliant guitarist too (source: seeing him live).

She totally has got this. Problem is, she's started making them all look bad - all the Late Nite men in grey suits - worse, she's made them look safe.

Trump needed an exit strategy now he's got one - the joke is coming to an end. All the action is on the Democrats side though - Clinton is being outflanked on the left.

You could say anything you want about ISIS someone would lap it up. ISIS harvest human organs for sushi trade etc

It's a very interesting analysis. Those of us in the west are in danger of viewing Russia through a particular prism - our view of Putin is distorted by the naked torso pics that form a caricature view of a clever and determined leader - a lawyer and a spook who has been in situ for decades. Russia's incursion into Crimea maintains access to the sea and shores up the western border. The action in Syria positions Russia as a geostrategic player and also keeps a port open on the southern side. I ain't saying he's a nice guy but the West has underestimated him and right now he is having a moment there.

This is the end of fossil-fuel-based car manufacture by VW. There's no way back from something like this - their brand is mud, their product is a wash out. They should go EV-only, and fast, and sue for peace.

Don't think Vlad is going to lose any sleep over 4K forces but as Nato builds capability it could perhaps to swell into 40K in 12 months time.

He needs to work on his compassionate side.

sandemon  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: The Middle East Friendship Chart

#2 Kurds are missing which are red for 90% AFAIK.

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