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Upon second inspection, I also took the flame into consideration. If the flame's length is any indication of how fast its burning, then this is how tall the longer candle will be when the smaller one goes out

I'm gonna say the smaller one. It has less wax..

Day 3: Hubskians are a clever race. They have started to be suspicious.

probably for capitalization's sake

thanks. didn't know that existed.

Ah, so that's why I can't comment here. I kept thinking whatever did I do to deserve not being able to comment now!?

The whole concept of muting seems a bit flawed, in that a muted user can't comment on the post posted by you. A muted user should only not be able to reply to you in a comment, but not being able to post a comment seems a bit too much power given to the submitter of the post. If anything, restricting someone from commenting on a post should be a collective decision. Like by setting a threshold number of mutes he has received from other users.

I've no strong opinion on time based muting but I think it's more arbitrary than vote based muting.

yeah it works perfect for me, like @Meriadoc above said, slight darkening of the unshared is precisely what was needed. A color-blind option would be super!

Adding to the list of style tweaks, if you're colorblind, having trouble distinguishing the hubski share/non-share wheel, you might be benefited by this

        img[class*='point'] {
            background-image: url('');
Another tweak I'm using is a personal preference of font as Arial

        * {
            font-family:'arial' !important;

Couldn't find anything like that for my setup.

But I managed to figure out an alternative. Downloaded the sprite hubski uses, photoshopped it to more my liking, and now I'm using it with Stylus/Stylebot

        img[class*='point'] {
        background-image: url('');

This will probably interest you guys a lot too. It's an hour long lecture so it's technical enough to give great insight yet easy to follow.

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