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GIF totally unrelated but it's awesome. I'm Havires. Let's see how short I can make this. Blogger. Geek. Sarcastic asshole and general giver of no fucks.

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And like women's' feet - he has a thing for feet - ever noticed that in his work?

It was my first one as an adult, and I don't regret that decision. So much so I went on to read the book, what did you think of that? The next one I had watched as a nostalgia trip from watching it as a younger man, was The v Shining. After that I decided to watch Dr. Strangelove... That was... Different.

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The book was a great read. Slow but really good. Just like the movie.

Well i need the port for and chat

Well i need the port for and chat

Is this going to be a dedicated channel and if so name and network please. Can't click omw to work. Thank you very much.

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Thanks G

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Gongfu_cha this was some good stuff dude. also thenewgreen could you point my buddy here in the direction of the primer and everything you showed me when I first joined?

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Ah well that makes sense and those are all valid points.

havires  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: Pubski: September 17, 2014

    street people

What exactly are "street people"?

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