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I believe there's a difference between being lonely vs being alone. Your comments helps people transition from coping being lonely to coping oneself just being alone and being more comfortable to one's skin.

That's what I do at home, pursuing hobbies, read and watch television. Best way to combat loneliness to be introspective and see what you want to do for yourself. That way you can develop a stronger center independent core and then cultivate people around you for support.

I just quit more than a year ago now. For me, it was a mind over matter. Before I quit, I started to realized why I started smoking in the first place. I was young and thought smoking looked cool. Smoking was excuse to go outside during break. When i was in college, the 5 to 10 mins breaks in class, all the smokers will go out talk and smoke together. Now, there's no real reason and there wasn't any in the first place. In the end this was very bad habit to pick up, and get costly very quick. Why breathr something that is known to cause cancer then frwsh air. All this negative thinking, I now associated with cigarettes. When I smell cigarettes, I just get this repulsive and disgusting feeling inside.

Hi guys, I've been lurking awhile. So far I like the discussion this site and I have read few good articles from here. Though I don't think it will necessarily replaces Reddit for me. I do believe this another platform I can visit instead through out my day.