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I haven't shared anything lately, but this Chance The Rapper just released his new mixtape and he's getting a lot of hype about it. I definetly like the character he portrays. Some of his lyrics are kind of meh, but it's totally worth listening to it because the instrumentals are awesome. Oh and apparently Chance tweeted to listen to it while on acid and apparently it's better, haven't done that but just so you know haha.

I go to SF State, and they have been getting good artists lately. Yeah Mac DeMarco was reallyyy good, go see him if you ever have a chance.

I recover my computer and so I recover all my music and new music.

To start, I've been listening to Sweet Valley is a side project of Nathan Williams, from Wavves. I'm not really into Wavves, but I'm really into this. The new Mac DeMarco album. This guy just did a show in my Uni so I wanted to listen to this guy, and he did not disappoint, really catchy melodies, and just fun. Lapalux made his debut album, and I still don't know how I feel about it. I really like some of the songs, and I think some other songs are nothing impressive. Listen to it though, you might dig it. The Knife's new album is out! And I like it a lot, wayyyyy more than I thought, so listen to that too. I'm also finally listening to Danny Brown, after months and putting him off because of his voice I'm actually getting in to him.

I'm actually listening for the first time to the new album of James Blake, liking it so far. Need to listen to new Flaming Lips.

I just found out about Elon Musk a couple of weeks ago and I'm really linking this guy. I feel like he actually wants to revolutionize humanity into the next generation with a bunch of different companies. SpaceX is experimenting amazing stuff, and this Tesla stuff is equally awesome. He also has been hinting about a 'fifth mode of transportation' that he's calling Hyperloop, which if you haven't heard about it you should read about it cause it's really cool and revolutionary.

He also had an interview with TED. LINK

Kind of an unrelated question. Do you like I've heard things about it but don't actually know someone who uses it. Is it worth it?

My sister's name is Isabella. She's so upset that it's a popular name now.

I like my name (Ricardo), it's not that common I think; the only downside is that all the Ricardos I know are douches...

Yeah super excited about new Bonobo, the last songs have been pretty good.

That documentary definetly looks interesting, Dan Deacon is very interesting musician. Thanks for the link!

Listen to the whole album, or at least the second half cause it's really good.

Shit I forgot about this. My computer broke last week so I haven't been able to listen to a lot of music lately. What I have been listening though is some old albums that I have on my ipod. First of is good old Bonobo, I actually didn't know what song to link cause the whole album is beautiful. You can't go wrong with Aphex Twin. And some Dan Deacon

Dope music man, especially the Mac Demarco guy that was real good.

Yeah no worries! Adebisi Shank is fucking dope and just makes me want to run.

No worries, listen to Wild Nothing or DIIV if you wan't more of that style.

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